Together for Good – Taking Less for Granted, More for Grace

Pastor Mike at retirement village chapel

The Villager, 2020

Another number to add to the uplifting stats already mentioned in this newsletter is 828. It refers to Romans 8:28, which assures us, “all things work together for good to those who love God.” With the Lord, even profoundly negative events can have surprisingly positive outcomes.

A year ago, who among us dreamed we would be thanking God for basics like soap, TP(!) or gaining expertise in the art of the masked smile? Compassion levels are rising. Generosity is escalating. Perseverance is persevering. Appreciation is appreciating. Prayers are ascending. Hugs and literal face time have rightly soared in value.

In your life, what desirable things have sprouted since the pandemic invaded? Hopefully, we are all taking less for granted and more for grace.

Last fall, our youngest son and his wife carried out their dream to live and work in Mexico City for a year. They reluctantly returned to the United States days before the border closed. This summer, they decided to go back. As I write, our son just tested positive for COVID-19, while our beloved daughter-in-law is presently negative. His symptoms so far are mild, and we fervently pray they remain minor. He is 2,000 miles and a language barrier away. No one really knows what the long-term effects of the novel coronavirus may or may not be. At least, no one on Earth. This unexpected news is drawing me as a father closer to the God who orchestrates encouraging results out of discouraging developments.

We are witnessing this throughout our inspiring community of staff, residents and families. It can take a Village to defeat a virus. At times, it can take a virus to celebrate a Village! Besides, this is not the first pandemic CBV has overcome in its almost 125 years. 

To those who love God, even the most severe downsides can have astonishing upsides. The ultimate example is the Cross, where the worst injustice possible led to the greatest blessing imaginable.

May we each continue looking to God to weave all the things in our lives together for His good, for ours and for those we love. May we keep trusting Him with everything, without exception. And may we prepare to be very pleasantly surprised to discover what He will work out.

Pastor Mike Weber