Our community shares their thoughts on CBV

Carol L.

Carol L.

I like the ‘small community feeling’ I’ve experienced at Central Baptist Village (CBV) in the Commons and the Pavilion. From the receptionist to administration, employees make me feel welcomed and at ease.

I chose CBV because it’s near my son and I get the nursing care I need. I can stay here until ‘the end’ and that’s comforting. I can call administration if I need to and someone will contact me directly. They’re very responsive.

Independent living In the Commons was good but being in the Pavilion now is the right place because I rely on nursing care. And when I press the call button, I usually get a response within a reasonable five-to-seven minutes. I’ve actually timed it!

Various social activities and a library are available on our floor and we’re able to go visit friends, and have family and friends visit here.

Upgrades have brought a new vitality to the unit. Recent dining room renovations have added a warm ambience and shower room renovations have made accessibility easier.

I made a good decision to move to CBV. I’m happy here. My family is satisfied. I’m getting the care I need.


Rosemary S.

Dad Nick and daughter Rosemary S.

My family has a history with Central Baptist Village (CBV). My grandmother, mother and aunt resided here. My dad, Nick, lives in the Commons independent living wing. CBV has been a neighbor; our family home was just down the street. ‘Staying in the neighborhood’ could have been our motto.

Living at CBV has been very good for my dad. Employees are kind and helpful. It’s a culture where staff care about the residents. It’s not just a job. I really do believe employees try their hardest to be responsive as quickly as possible.

I’m comforted knowing my dad lives here because staff ‘know him’; they know his habits. They care for him. For example, if he doesn’t come to the dining room for a meal, they’re on the phone to check on him. I also very much like the fact that he gets individualized exercise sessions.

Quite frankly, I think Central Baptist did an incredible job caring for residents during Covid.

Central Baptist Village is a very pleasant and clean environment. Inside and out. The management and employees genuinely care about the residents. I always have found those in charge to be promptly responsive to questions/requests/concerns regarding my dad. I would have no hesitation in recommending CBV.



Richard I.

Richard I.

About 20 years ago, I volunteered at Central Baptist Village (CBV) playing the guitar at sing-alongs and now I’m a resident here in the Terrace assisted living apartments.

I’ve seen Central Baptist ‘Home’ grow into Central Baptist ‘Village’ and it’s turned out really well. The combination of services, programs, nursing support, and staff assistance goes a long way in meeting residents’ needs. The staff is caring and they, like the residents, are friendly. People say ‘hello’ even if they don’t know you. This is a good, faith-based community that accepts you as you are. It’s a village.

Assisted living help in the Terrace is good because services are available as needed. For example, I take advantage of help with washing clothes, getting meals, taking medications, and the like. I’m involved in a mobility program with a goal to use a walker more and wheelchair less.

The staff take care of us; they’re on top of Covid testing, for example. They get to know us and reach out to help in any way they can. The environment is nice and the place is clean.

CBV feels like home because it’s a place to live and grow. I’m pretty happy here. I made a good decision to come here.



Julie I.

As a geriatric care manager/advocate for seniors,* I can tell you Central Baptist Village (CBV) is one of four from about 12 continuum of care retirement communities in Chicago that I trust to care for residents ‘until the end.’

I first witnessed CBV’s nursing side when I visited a Pavilion resident. Staff were protective, caring and patient with the individual. One of my initial referrals was a husband and wife whereby each needed a different level of care. They remained a couple living on the same campus yet each resided in the appropriate supportive care area. This was ideal.

From what I see elsewhere, Central Baptist has the best independent side, the Commons, that transitions into higher levels of care. There’s ‘freedom’ yet services are available.

I’ve taken pictures of unpleasant situations at other places and complained to administrations. I’ve never had to do that at CBV. I’ve never seen staff be abrupt with residents. They’re treated with kindness. And staff are longtimers; they’re connected to the residents.

CBV administration cares about what’s going on with the residents; they’re hands-on in a lot of ways I don’t see elsewhere.

I love Central Baptist Village because it’s truly a home for its residents. It’s not a facility. And the staff make residents feel at home. I’ve even told my parents, “I have a place for you.”

* Julie Lindblad Iverson, founder of Aging With Care, is a certified geriatric care manager and end of life doula.


Jan I.

Jan I.

I did not want to come to Central Baptist Village (CBV). I was not ready to relocate from my homey, Texas apartment but my son wanted me near him, and I wanted that too so I relented. He and my daughter-in-law had toured CBV and told me, “This is the place for you. You’ll love it.”

Well, I hated this place. When I initially saw the Commons apartment, I wanted to go back home to Texas. But within a week-and-a-half I forgot about Texas. Residents here are friendly and staff make me feel ‘at home.’ And no one forgets my name. I get the assistance I need to maintain my independent lifestyle.

Employees do their job, and they’re kind and attentive in caring for us. Residents’ well-being is a top priority. For example, during the frightening Covid pandemic, administration and staff kept us safe and that was comforting.

Socializing and quiet time are important to me too. In my Texas apartment, I was alone for days. Here I can choose to socialize, join in activities or enjoy nature’s beauty in our campus gardens.

Central Baptist Village is like living at home – and, like living at home, I’ve gained some weight – the food is that good.


Dr. Kevin K.

Dr. Kevin Koo, CBV Medical Director

When my dad, Eugene, was released from a downtown hospital, I wanted him to come to Central Baptist Village (CBV) for rehabilitation services and, eventually, skilled nursing care. I already was familiar with CBV and I knew I wouldn’t want my dad anywhere else.

I have a lot of faith in and am very committed to CBV, not only as its medical director but as the son of a resident. He’s challenging and the staff’s patience with him is commendable. I’m very grateful.

As medical director I interact with residents, their families and staff from an administrative and a resident’s son perspectives. This combination gives me a unique viewpoint that helps promote understanding among parties.

I’ve been to other continuum of care retirement communities and I can say the CBV staff give great care. They’re very attentive to and involved with the residents. It’s a well-run facility. Administration knows residents’ names and mingles with them. There’s a ‘personal touch’ I’ve not seen elsewhere.

I feel CBV is home for me and can be for everyone here. It feels like a family here. For example, as a physician coming here to see residents, I interact with the staff on a clinical level but they also show a personal interest and ask me about my family. CBV makes you feel welcomed.


Don & Lucille G.

Don and Lucille G.

I was head of the Norridge zoning board and in administration at the Norridge senior center when Central Baptist Village (CBV) applied for expansion. Building requirements and restrictions were met with a local ordinance permitting construction. Today’s structure is the embodiment of what was envisioned then: retaining a suburban ambience, displaying frontage greenery, and limiting height. It worked out beautifully. Seeing this campus now makes me feel great.

From this experience, CBV naturally came to mind when my wife, Lucille, and I began considering retirement communities. We visited several but I found them lacking. At CBV I observed some of the staff and residents, and found them to be friendly. I also liked the atmosphere; the surroundings.

After living independently in the Commons for a while, Lucille’s health declined to the point where she needed memory care. Now in the Special Care Pavilion and Hospice, she receives excellent care.

CBV has a lot of dedicated staff members. Those who have been here a long time appear to be very devoted to their job.

Moving to Central Baptist was a good decision. It’s the right place for us.