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There's just something special here

The “something special” at Central Baptist Village is our natural heart to serve and it creates the vibrant, loving atmosphere you sense as soon as you step on our campus. Residents and their families are safe, special and valued at their home here. Since 1896, the complete well-being of each resident is our primary focus and drives everything we do.

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What We Believe

Aging isn't our last stand

A guiding principle at Central Baptist Village is that aging is a natural and beneficial part of life, not a problem that needs solving or a disease to be battled.

Believing this opens up possibilities and makes room for the discovery, enjoyment and appreciation of friendships and wisdom, spirituality and self knowledge.

What We Believe

Smiles come from the heart

At Central Baptist Village, smiles are genuine and frequent. And the smiling people you see are real residents, family members and staff expressing joy, peace and happiness from the heart.

What We Believe

We cherish each individual

No one has a cookie-cutter personality, so we don’t believe there should be cookie-cutter care. While there is a schedule (lunch is at lunchtime), we cherish your individuality and honor your independence.

You choose how to spend your day; we’re here to make it happen.

What We Believe

We all have gifts to give the world

A genuine smile, a newly discovered passion, the ability to listen and comfort… these are all gifts to share with one another.

Just as there’s no time limit on exploring an idea or setting a new goal, there’s no limit on what gifts you bring to others and the world.

What We Believe

Friendships are rejuvenating

We’ll say it again and again, connecting with others in a genuine way is like oxygen for your soul. Building, nurturing and appreciating relationships is fundamental to life.

You’ll never run out of friends at Central Baptist Village.

What We Believe

Belly laughs are healing

People hand them out here like candy.

What We Believe

Senior care is a sacred privilege

We believe that everyone who lives or works at Central Baptist Village enriches our community in unique and powerful ways.

As staff, it is our calling and we are honored to share our time with you. We’re here to celebrate you.

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Care that Evolves with You

Central Baptist Village is unique among senior care communities because as your needs change, or those of your spouse or partner, your next level of exceptional care is available right here. You won’t have to move to a different campus to receive assistance and support, which means you can easily maintain your friendships with your Central Baptist friends and remain an active participant of our vibrant community.

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You Can Be Yourself

I think people love it here because they feel free to be themselves, to do the things they love.

CBV Resident

Award-winning care

We are committed to providing residents with exceptional services and living options and our successes at achieving this have not gone unnoticed. Year after year, Central Baptist Village receives recognition from local, regional and national senior care organizations.

Let us show you how we can care for you or your loved ones

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