You do the living, we'll do the assisting.


Assisted Living in Norridge, IL

Welcome to Assisted Living at Central Baptist Village, where the independence you want meets the personalized care services you need.

The Commons, our dedicated Assisted Living neighborhood, offers a relaxing lifestyle where each day is yours to spend just the way you want, with the activities and experiences you choose. Our light and bright spaces boast floor-to-ceiling windows that provide lovely views of our outdoor courtyards. The Commons’ cozy library opens up a world of knowledge and reading enjoyment. Our arts and crafts studio brings creativity to life with a variety of projects for residents to express themselves. There’s no shortage of enriching opportunities and extraordinary experiences for Assisted Living residents in our senior living community.


The Commons offers six distinctive apartment styles for residents to choose from, all freshly renovated, featuring kitchenettes and large, accessible full bathrooms with walk-in showers.

In addition, our Assisted Living community offers progressive assistance to accommodate your changing needs over time. For instance, we’re here to provide you with just the right amount of support, whether you need help tying your shoes or assistance with other daily activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and medication administration.

At Central Baptist Village, we’re honored to work with each resident to achieve a holistic, personalized care plan that focuses on optimizing their strengths. Come join our community in Norridge and experience the peace of mind that comes with progressive assistance within a vibrant and welcoming environment.

Not sure if it’s the right time for you or your loved one to move to an Assisted Living community? We can help you decide.


A stereotypical Assisted Living facility offers the basics, while a true Assisted Living community like ours goes above and beyond to ensure residents are comfortable and cared for. Everyday life at The Commons includes:

Additional, graduated services such as medication administration, medical care, and escort services are available as your needs change.

With all the senior living options out there, choose the one that provides you and your family with the most opportunities for a well-lived life, like Central Baptist Village.



There are many reasons individuals and their families choose to move to Central Baptist Village for all of their Assisted Living needs. Check out our key differentiators:

There’s no large upfront fee. Unlike other retirement communities with sky-high buy-in fees, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of our community without the financial burden of a large upfront investment, making the cost of Assisted Living more affordable and accessible.

We are a non-profit. We reinvest our returns in ways that support our mission. Our revenues are used to improve our community buildings and grounds, serve more people, offer continually improving accommodations, recruit and train staff, and provide more evolving options for aging well.

Spiritual life is at the forefront. Faith is often deepened by the connections people forge while worshiping together. Our on-site chaplain offers faith programs and interdenominational worship services. He is also available for private spiritual counsel or just a friendly chat.

We provide a total continuum of care. Central Baptist Village offers all levels of care right on one campus, negating the need to travel or move to receive access to the appropriate care services as your needs evolve.

You Have Choices

Residents continue enjoying a vibrant, fulfilling lifestyle because they can get help with tasks that would otherwise hamper their independence.

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