Jon Ragsdale

In My Own Words…

I have always enjoyed and cherished my relationships with older adults. My most memorable ones were a youth leader/mentor I had as a teenager and my grandparents who I visited on their farm during the summers. These relationships have brought me Godly wisdom, guidance, a sense of gratitude, peace, and contentment.  Their stories and the way they lived their lives have left a forever imprint in my life.

I was working as a senior accountant in Chicago and applied for a position as a controller at a senior living community in Ottawa, Illinois. After almost nine years in various financial positions at that community, I found myself at a crossroads in my life trying to figure out my next career steps.

A friend at my church reached out and said his coworker was looking for an interim administrator at a nursing home in Mendota, Illinois.  After meeting with their board members, I accepted this “temporary” position which started me on this incredible journey!

I am so proud and honored to be a part of the rich heritage of Central Baptist Village and grateful to be able to cultivate valuable relationships with residents and staff.

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