Why do you love being a CNA?

Renee Berymon, winner of the "Why I love being a CNA" contest

In recognition of CNA week, June 17 – 23, 2021, Rachelle Blough, a Certified Recreational Therapist, Dementia Practitioner and Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer with the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners reached out to CNAs across the country and asked them to share why they love what they do in 100 words or less. Our very own Renee Berymon won the first-place prize! Following is the essay she submitted.

Why I Love What I do

When asked the question why I love being a CNA, there are so many reasons that come to mind. Some of the love I have for what I do is hard to articulate in words. It’s mostly expressed in action. However, for the sake of this letter, I will do my best!

I love what I do because I get the opportunity to care for my Seniors! I take great pride in the job that I do – caring for them, making sure they eat, are clean, and all of their general needs are met to the best of my abilities. Down through the years I have learned a great deal from them. They are like a living history book, right before my very own eyes.

I enjoy waking them up and getting them ready for the day. They are always so thankful and full of gratitude. However, I like to thank them for the privilege to care for them. Every day I get to come into their space because this is their home. I’m blessed to do this very rewarding job.

I realize not everyone is cut out for this job and its demands. I’m thankful to God for giving me the wherewithal to do a job such as this. I do it with integrity and love. I have chosen this career because of its many benefits. However, the greatest benefit of all is helping to be a part of the lives of these Seniors as they navigate through this transition in life. Knowing that I am becoming a part of history with them is amazing to think about.

Renee Berymon, Certified Nursing Assistant
Central Baptist Village