Unleashing Creativity through Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of creative expression that focuses on the process rather than the product. For people living with dementia, art therapy has the ability to engage a part of the brain that is untouched by memory loss. In fact, sometimes people living with dementia are the most creative artists because they are no longer inhibited by their fears surrounding art that the rest of us experience. This allows them to tap into a wonderful world of creativity that many of us strive for.


  • Improves cognitive and sensorimotor functions
  • Fosters a sense of accomplishment and belonging
  • Offers an alternative modality of expression that goes beyond language and the ability to communicate through words
  • Cultivates emotional resilience and connects to past memories and lived experiences
  • Reduces stress

Central Baptist Village takes a person-centered, strength-based approach to art therapy. We strive to honor that each individual is unique and different in their journey with dementia. Art therapy groups are structured to give people as much choice as possible, allowing them to be autonomous in the art making process. The focus is on residents’ strengths that still remain rather than focusing on the losses.

Creativity can be unleashed in every person and each person’s journey is unique and special! Making art with your loved one can be a meaningful way to connect with them if they are no longer able to communicate with words.