The Positive Impact of Community in Assisted Living

Socialization has so many amazing benefits for seniors’ overall well-being, which is why Central Baptist Village places such great importance on it as a key component of assisted living services. 

The CBV Community

What sets us apart at CBV is our culture of values, respect, and faith that creates cherished connections among residents. Central Baptist Village warmly welcomes our residents’ families into our community. Often, families participate in games and craft projects or volunteer for off-campus outings. These shared experiences strengthen the bond between residents and further enrich the lives of everyone involved. Another unique quality of our community is that our staff includes multiple members of several families, sometimes spanning generations. Having family members in various staff positions at CBV enhances the community bonds.

Preventing Social Isolation

Social isolation can have negative impacts on both physical and mental well-being. Our residents engage socially, build new relationships, and avoid the isolation commonly linked with growing older alone at home. Studies show that participating in activities and socializing with other people has a profound positive impact on the lives of seniors. Our residents’ families and our dedicated staff serve as a support system to alleviate social isolation in our residents.

Holistic Wellness

We believe that staying socially connected with the community is important for both physical and cognitive well-being, which is why we are dedicated to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our residents. Because social isolation has a significant impact on cardiovascular, cognitive, and mental health, we provide inclusive activities and programs that bring together our residents, giving them opportunities to connect over shared experiences and to build meaningful relationships, whether it’s eating together in our communal dining areas or sitting in small groups in one of our fireside lounges.

At CBV, our residents, families, and staff form a community of people who embrace the spirit of compassionate care, well-being, and shared values.

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