A word from Our CEO – Cultivating Community

Dawn Mondschein

The Villager, 2019

We are all drawn to people and places that make us feel safe and part of a caring community.

Perhaps this is why so many of us find comfort in the warmth of Central Baptist Village. In 2019, our vision to empower one another by connecting as family and friends cultivating a community inspired by faith surpassed all expectations and generated an abundance of kindness, grace, and joy. Together, our community of residents and loved ones, staff and volunteers flourished as we came together to celebrate the passions and dreams of residents.

As always, our devoted employees strengthen CBV’s strong culture of trust, teamwork, and compassion and 2019 was no exception. Every day, staff cultivated genuine connections through countless expressions of kindness and goodwill: a caregiver singing favorite songs with a resident, a poignant final goodbye with family in the memory garden, even a spontaneous birthday visit from two giant pandas. Staff are always honored and privileged to serve. Their warmth and hospitality is palpable and the foundation of CBV’s Heart to Serve philosophy.

To our delight, this culture of compassion blossomed and attracted even more generosity and support in the form of an ever-growing base of volunteers. We were humbled by our treasured volunteers of all ages who contributed hours of their valuable time. From board members to students from high school and graduate programs, volunteers worked hard to support our community. This year we were especially fortunate to host student interns from the School of the Art Institute and reap the benefits of their ambitious endeavors in our resident creative arts programs.

The outpouring of good will and generosity culminated throughout the year in community-wide celebrations, as well as smaller, more intimate moments among a parent and child, or a trio of best friends. While many residents took turns in the limelight, everyone joined in the festivities. Together we rallied for Jodi’s 100th birthday, Nick and Lou’s outing to the Cross Town Classic, Bob’s Folk Dance extravaganza and Marty’s tour of Wrigley Field. These personalized events brought hours of anticipation, enjoyment and fulfillment as we collectively shared in the deep sense of satisfaction that comes when you check off a wish on a decades-old bucket list or enjoy the simple pleasure of a day at the mall with your girlfriends.

As our tradition to serve and celebrate seniors continues to uplift Central Baptist Village, we invite you to join our caring community where kindness, grace and joy are firmly rooted and here to stay.