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Resources We Like For Families

You and your older adult loved ones may have a lot of questions about healthy aging, independent and assisted living, and caregiving. The experienced, expert staff at Central Baptist Village has answers, and we’ve also put together websites and other resources that can help you and your family enjoy every day of life’s journey.

Brain Basics and Dementia

‘Well, that was a weird moment’ and other signs of dementia family members should watch for.

Check out this excellent article from the Washington Post on dementia. Writer Susan Berger does a great job highlighting the differences between normal aging and concerning memory loss.

Explore the inner workings of the brain and how Alzheimer’s affects it.

This engaging, easy-to-understand tour shows how the brain is organized and what happens to the brain in people with Alzheimer’s.

Interactive Brain Tour

Watch this quick explanation of how Alzheimer’s develops.

Alzheimer’s affects 1 in 10 people over age 65. In three minutes, you’ll find out how Alzheimer’s slowly and gradually takes away so many of the abilities we take for granted.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Caregiving Resources

View engaging, honest videos about caregiving.

Caregiving videos are presented by Terra Nova, which is dedicated to producing and distributing films and videos on aging and caregiving. Terra Nova is noted its dignified and sensitive approach to telling the stories of older adults.


Check out this rich treasure trove of resources for caregivers.

Fact and tip sheets from the National Institute on Aging cover topics that include behaviors, everyday care, communication, relationships, safety, caregiver health, legal and financial issues, and middle- and late-stage care. See resources from THE ALZHEIMER’S PROJECT, too.

Fact Sheets

See the moving story of George and Adriana Cuevas.

Son Marco Cuevas shares the love his parents feel for each other, even as Adriana experiences the effects of dementia.

When the Mind Says Goodbye:!

Download this helpful 21-booklet, available in English and Spanish.

Published by the Alzheimer’s Association, this guide helps families with questions to ask when seeking the best care for their loved ones. The booklet features a checklist of comfort care measures that can be discussed with staff members at care communities.

Encouraging Comfort Care: A Guide for Families of People With Dementia Living in Care Facilities

Watch this series of groundbreaking films that offer hope.

THE ALZHEIMER’S PROJECT covers major discoveries by leading scientists as well as the effects of Alzheimer’s on the individual and the family. The project includes a four-part documentary series, 15 short supplemental films, a website, and a nationwide community-based information and outreach campaign, plus a companion book.

The Alzheimer’s Project (videos by HBO):

Travel with Louis Theroux as he visits a community for those with dementia in Phoenix.

Meet some of the faces of Alzheimer’s, including a 49-year-old mother with a 9-year-old daughter.

Extreme Love 2/2: Dementia with Louis Theroux:

Experience the story of the filmmaker-photographer couple, Julie Winokur and Ed Kashi, and Julie’s father, Herbie.

Like so many others, Julie and Ed were pursuing their careers and taking care of their children when it became clear that Julie’s dad, Herbie, could no longer take care of himself.

The Sandwich Generation

Check out these helpful resources for caregivers and professionals from iCareFamily.

We understand the trials and triumphs of being a caregiver for loved ones who are coping with dementia, including Alzheimer’s. That’s why we’ve bookmarked iCareFamily, which offers online information and stress management training for family caregivers. Keep your energy up and your stress down with iCareFamily’s articles and tools, as well as free online videos produced in collaboration with Stanford University, the Alzheimer’s Association, and other organizations.

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