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CBV COVID-19 Response

With a heart to serve, the health and safety of our residents and staff continues to be our top priority at Central Baptist Village. It makes me happy to hear that our residents, staff and families feel safe, and that they are relieved to be a part of a caring community during this time.

As we confront the COVID-19 crisis, we are guided by our strong values, while also leveraging our strengths and resources to protect our community one day at a time. While we have worked hard to keep our residents and staff safe, on July 7 two of our residents did test positive for COVID-19. We are happy to share that both fully recovered. We continue to be proud of our efforts, and optimistic that our proactive measures will allow us to successfully contain this.

True to our value to lead from the heart, not the bottom line, we closed our doors to new admissions in March allowing us to focus all our attention and resources on our current residents. We opened our doors to new residents the week of August 10.  Residents moving into the community are required to follow some new protocols so that we can keep everyone safe. To speak with someone in The Marketing Department to learn more about the new procedures and find out if Central Baptist Village is a good fit for you or your loved one please call (708) 583-8500.

COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine. Moving into a Senior Living Community now takes on new concerns and challenges. In order to alleviate some of your concerns and let you know how we responded, below is an overview of how CBV responded when this global pandemic arrived at our door.

Our Response and Strategy Moving Forward:

When the alarm first sounded we did not waste any time. As information began pouring in, we formed a COVID-19 Taskforce to meet daily and spearhead our response. The team monitors and reviews information from respected health care sources at the national, state and local levels. The members evaluate and discuss ideas as a team, and then quickly implement best practices customized to our unique needs. The Taskforce has allowed us to keep pace with the rapidly changing guidelines, and routinely implement strategies often before State and Federal mandates. Senior Living communities in Illinois are also required to meet external metrics in their region in addition to not having any resident cases to allow certain services to be available. Central Baptist Village is in region 10 and this information can be tracked at

Following is the core foundation we believe is critical to our COVID-19 response and our current effectiveness in safeguarding our residents. We are committed to this strategy and will continue to refine and amend these pillars of success to protect our community as we develop plans to open different areas of our community.

  1. Visitor Access & Social Distancing: Social distancing has been heavily promoted among residents and staff as a means to reduce risk of exposure to asymptomatic carriers. While this continues to be an important practice that will remain essential to our strategy, on June 30th we started scheduling outdoor visits for our residents and loved ones following the safety precautions outlined below. With the change in weather we had been scheduling indoor visits. However, on October 30th per a mandate from the Illinois Department of Public Health, region 10 is now in tier 1. This change means that all senior living communities in our region are no longer allowed to offer indoor visits. Fortunately we are still able to allow visits at our vestibules.As required, following is our Visit Fact Sheet.
    Schedule a Visit:
    Schedule a visit on-line using the link in CBV’s Weekday Update email or call Becca Galuska at (708) 583-8519. Visits are available Tuesdays through Saturdays. There is a two visitor per resident limit.
    Pass 2 Health Screenings:
    Visitors will be screened by phone within 24 hours in advance and upon arrival using the CDC Coronavirus symptom checklist, Cook County Health Department Travel Order and a temperature screening.
    Wear a Face Covering:
    Residents and visitors must wear a face covering throughout the visit.
    Perform Hand Hygiene:
    Visitors must perform hand hygiene prior to visitation. Sanitizer is available for use.
    Physically Distance:
    Social distancing of at least six feet from the resident is required. Visitors from different households must also maintain social distance. All seating in the designated areas has been arranged for proper distancing and should not be moved without authorization.
    Call Us!
    Please notify Anna-Liisa LaCroix immediately at (708) 583-8500 if you experience any symptoms within 3 days of visiting.
  2. Screening & Testing: Stopping the spread before it starts through early identification of asymptomatic or newly symptomatic individuals in need of isolation or quarantine.Employees are tested every week, and residents are only tested if there is the possibility of exposure or they display symptoms.
  3. Hygiene & Infection Control: Sharpening our infection control practices across the entire community. From individual hand hygiene and masking to multidisciplinary isolation procedures, everyone is encouraged to respond responsibility.Our comprehensive infection control program has served CBV well for many years. Unique to COVID-19, and through our recent experience, the evidence suggests that face masks may be the most important prevention strategy available. We are committed to our aggressive infection control program and face masks will surely continue well into the future.
  4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Supplies: Preemptive and creative procurement of supplies to help protect every resident and staff member.We are fortunate to have a strong supply of PPE that will allow us to continue to protect our residents and staff.
  5. Communication & Connection: Recognizing we need each other now more than ever, we are keeping connected through regular family updates and creative approaches to virtual visits.If you would like to be added to receive the updates that we share with residents, staff and family, please click here. We believe it’s imperative that we be transparent since the steps we are taking impacts everyone.

We are humbled and encouraged by all of the support we are receiving. We are especially thankful for the expertise of our Board and Medical Director, cooperation of the residents, trust of our family members, and most of all, the hard work and sacrifices of our dedicated staff members. As a community inspired by faith, we are fortunate to have an abundance of kindness, grace and joy. It is the combination of these factors that makes Central Baptist Village a community with heart and a wonderful place to live.

Together we will get through this.

Dawn Mondschein, CEO

CBV COVID-19 Infections as of November 20, 2020:

We have had a total of 25 Cases:

Central Baptist Village staff:  19 (16 staff recovered, 2 staff members died, 1 currently positive)

Contracted employees:  3 (both fully recovered)

Residents: 3 (2 fully recovered, 1 recently diagnosed)

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