CBV Strong in 2022 – A Message from our CEO

Dawn Mondschein

125 Years & Counting

Fueled with optimism and anticipation as COVID-19 vaccines rolled out across the nation, we waited patiently for life to return to normal…until it didn’t. By summer, it became clear that the pandemic, and its catastrophic fallout, would linger for months, if not years, to come. This stark reality was settling over me, and I found myself searching for the inspiration to continue our climb.

On my desk is a photo I glance at daily, “Honor Thy Father And Mother. EPH. 6-2”, “Founded 1896, Erected 1956.” Inscribed on a stone and set into a brick wall. Nothing remarkable about it except that it is extraordinarily special. It’s the historic cornerstone that forms the foundation of our first building in Norridge.

And suddenly, I found the inspiration I needed. Just like the cornerstone on which our bricks-and-mortar community rests, our resilience bolsters our mission. Our ability to endure and not collapse, to stand firm in our purpose, to celebrate even the smallest of victories in grim circumstances—this is my inspiration, which I know you share.

Our 125th anniversary occurred during one of the most devastating events in modern history. Instead of a year filled with celebratory occasions to mark that milestone, our community is rebuilding on our strong foundation. And this is exactly what I draw strength from!

One hundred and twenty-five years of overcoming adversity is a testament to our unflagging mission to serve and celebrate seniors. Nothing can tear this community down. We are resilient, we are in this together. We are CBV strong. 

Despite the hurdles and barriers of 2021, we dug deeper into our purpose and reaffirmed our commitment to excellence, and we continued to advance as a community. We are making structural and aesthetic improvements to our physical home. We’ve welcomed a new medical director, and daily we strengthen our workforce, and honor the longevity and loyalty of our staff.

If anything, our 125th Anniversary year is no different than any other. We’ll remember it for the faith the cornerstone symbolizes, and the ways in which we rose—and are rising still—to serve and celebrate seniors.

With gratitude for your support,

Dawn Mondschein