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Top 5 reasons you should make the move to senior living now

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Most of us put off doing the things that we don’t think we’ll like (making a date with the dentist comes to mind). When it comes to big changes, it’s even harder to take the first step. One of those big changes for older adults is moving to a retirement community. At Central Baptist Village, we hear everything from “The timing isn’t right” and “The house isn’t sold yet” to “I’m not sure I can afford it” and “I’m just not ready yet.”

Right now, however, the timing is perfect. Halloween is here, and Chicago’s brutal winter is on its heels. And you know what that means: High heating bills. Snow and ice. Shoveling or finding someone to shovel for you. Fear of falling on icy sidewalks or sliding on slippery roads. Calls from the kids asking if you’re all right with the snow and plummeting temperatures. Fewer trips to the store or your favorite coffee shop. Rescheduled doctor’s appointments. The list goes on and on.

Here are the top five reasons you should consider moving now, before winter sets in for the next several months:

  1.  No need to shovel. Our maintenance staff takes care of shoveling and keeping our sidewalks free from ice, not to mention the other helpful tasks they perform in your home and around the community.


  1. No need to drive to stores or doctor’s appointments, or to stock up just in case. Our scheduled transportation can whisk you to local grocers, pharmacies, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, and more. Of course, we offer dining services, so you don’t even have to cook.


  1. No need to look at your heating bill with fear — heat is included in your fee at Central Baptist Village.


  1. No need for your family and friends far and near to worry about you and how you’re managing. If you like, you may want to check on them via Skype video chat using our computers or your own. If you need help setting up your computer, our staff can have you up and running in no time.


  1. No need to be alone. No matter how frightful the weather or the forecast, you can sip hot coffee or tea in the company of some of the warmest, most interesting people we know — our residents. And you can get as involved in our many activities as you like — from fitness classes, special interest groups, and music therapy and programs to spiritual and intellectual pursuits. It’s all here at Central Baptist Village — come rain, sleet, hail, or snow.


Don’t struggle through another winter and don’t wait for peace of mind. We invite you to join the Central Baptist Village residents who tell us, “I wish I hadn’t waited so long to move!”

Making the move to a richer life

Monday, October 20th, 2014

First in a “Moving Mom and Dad” series about helping older adults make the move to a senior living community

Moving to a new home can be exciting, but most Americans agree that it’s stressful too. There are all kinds of tasks to take on, such as calling movers, contacting utilities and the US Postal Service, letting friends and family know, and of course arranging your new home. For a new college graduate, it may be a matter of getting a few boxes, a truck, and a helping hand from friends. For your mom and dad who have lived in the same home for 20 or 30 years, there’s more effort and emotional turmoil involved. You know they’d be better off at a retirement community, and so do they. How can you help them make the transition to a new, healthier lifestyle?

  •  Focus on the positive. Older adults may feel like they’re sacrificing a lifetime of memories to move to a retirement community. It’s not just a move — it’s a lifestyle change. You can help them stay focused on the positive — the many new friends they’ll make, the amenities they can enjoy, the classes they can take, the groups they can join, and an end to their concerns about day-to-day home upkeep. Reassure them that if something happens, like a fall, help will be moments away.


  •  Separate the treasures from the clutter. Many Americans have too much stuff, and clutter can be a source of stress. Help your parents take a look at the items they need and use and the items they value. Anything else is likely to be clutter that’s weighing them down. Here are 10 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home. One or more of these ways may work for your parents.


  • Don’t trash — donate. Your parents may have dozens of kitchen utensils and gadgets that they never use but hate to waste by throwing out. Many organizations and local thrift stores accept various items, from kitchen goods and clothing to sporting equipment and even gently used furniture. Here’s a list of Chicago-area organizations that accept donations.


  • Break the move down into small tasks. The best approach to any big job is to break it down into small, manageable tasks. For example, deal with the easy stuff first — old medications that should be tossed, magazines and newspapers, worn and ill-fitting clothing, and extra and duplicate items that won’t be needed. Focus on how good it feels to get rid of clutter and to organize the rest.


  • Get friends and family involved. Throw a moving party and make getting ready for the move a celebration of life, past and future. If no one is available to pitch in, consider hiring a professional who specializes in working with older adults. You may want to review your options at the National Association of Senior Move Managers® You can also ask the retirement community’s marketing department if move-in coordination help is available.


The process of moving is challenging and draining, especially for older adults. That’s why it’s important to stay focused on the end rewards — the opportunities that come with living in a community where services and care are available, and every day offers the possibility of friendship and personal growth. Your parents may not agree now, but later don’t be surprised if they tell you they wished they had moved sooner!

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